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Gloopt is a Video Application enabling experts and companies to create short meaningful videos. Gloopt will enable a company to become top-of-mind in its market by being the most visible, helpful resource to its stakeholders. In fact it enables separate company functions including marketing, customer service, training and media relations to become more integrated, cohesive and leveraged.


Gloopt is the best small video solution

What You're Getting

One minute videos for smart people


Easy way to navigate the videos

Play Queues and Lists

Add videos to your queues to watch or organize them in a list


Organized set of videos for you


Create your Gloopt

You can create your own presence and record using this App


Publish your idea or business to the world


Share your videos with facebook, twitter or any other platform

Perfect for realtime testimonials from Influencers

Use Gloopt App to capture live testimonials, edit them and publish within minutes

About Us

Create and discover condensed, actionable insights in a captivating way via Gloopt's – one minute videos, each vividly framed with a topic headline, thought leader’s name and contact information. Gloopt is focused on taking advantage of the power of short videos to revolutionize education and learning. Gloopt is a video platform offering everything you ever want to learn in easily digestible one minute videos. No subject is left unturned, because no question is without merit. Get done in 60 seconds what used to take minutes, or even hours of useless searching, sometimes without any succinct results. Think of us as greatness condensed. 

 Our videos are created and curated by experts. Each expert is given a unique and easy to access channel that you can track and verify, because you don’t want to be taking advice from just any Joe with a video camera -- save that for Youtube. While entertaining, our experts are also dedicated to providing real world answers to the questions that plague us all throughout the course of daily life.

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Gloopt works with leaders and experts worldwide to create, curate, publish, and promote insightful one-minute videos. If you are that someone who has something amazing to say in one-minute, we would love to hear from you!