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Brands who use Gloopt

ACG Research
Meetings Planner International

Video Testimonials

Let the authentic voice of your customer come through your business’ Website, marketing campaigns, and social media channels. Incentivize customers to leave short video messages through your own branded Gloopt app and collaborative video channel.

Perfect for:
  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Agencies
  • Thought Leaders

Personalized Sales Videos

Close the sale by sending personalized, branded videos to your prospects. Each video can contain a CTA to launch a proposal, payment gateway, or product download.

Perfect for:
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Support Teams
  • Freelancers

Leverage the power of mobile video marketing

From video testimonials to sales calls to event marketing to learning tools, mobile video drives customer engagement.


Authentic Marketing Videos

Record branded videos right from your mobile device and quickly distribute meaningful branded video messages across all your social media networks. Offer customers the ability to collaborate together to make videos for your products and services.

Perfect for:
  • Retailers
  • Announcements
  • Daily Shoutouts

Event Videos

Events are the perfect opportunity to capture and share useful thoughts and knowledge. Mingle and capture ThinkGloopts™ or set up a Gloopt booth to create group event shoutout videos and share across social media.

Perfect for:
  • Networking Events
  • Product Launches
  • Industry Events

Influencers who use Gloopt

Ray Mota
Kare Anderson

Customer Service Videos

Supplement your service calls by sending short videos from your library of pre-made content, or customize it specifically for a customer’s need – anytime and wherever you are.

Perfect for:
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Satisfaction Inqueries

Educational Videos

Enhance your educational content by incorporating up-to-date knowledge from many experts or the voice of trainees. Build collaborative organizational training channels or student ThinkGloopts™.

Perfect for:
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Internal Training
  • Q&A

Create, deliver & measure content marketing videos within minutes